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This package contains all three micro games: Duck Trooper, Polywumpus and Pterroductyl.

Paypal Instant Download in zipped PDF format. Dice not included. TTG#9700DL           $12.95

Invaders with an attitude! Now they have the planet; you have the firepower and the will to take back your homes. It's the end of the century and humanity is no longer master of the Earth. You are a survivor who is fighting the Duck invaders from another dimension.

Duckbilled Horror! The back woods in central Pennsylvania and a quack in the night start the nightmare of the opening days of what mankind would later call "the Duck Wars". They've come from the swamps to prey on campers and Cub Scouts. This is a crazy board game that is kind of like an RPG. Fun for the whole family as you attempt to stop the duckbilled horror.

The Duck Wars continue! The giant mutant ducks are back in this silly air-to-air combat game for two or more players. You are the pilot in your own antique plane. With little more than the wind in your face, you must destroy the giant monsters who are terrorizing our world.

Hundreds of skills and weapons!


Ducks, Monsters and Furballs!

Complete and easy game systems

Rules for extended campaigns