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FTL: 2448 is a complete role playing game. Each of the main sections is 192 pages in length, and includes 30 different races, complete rules for generating new worlds and star systems, and much, much more.

While Section 1 concentrates mainly on character generation and skill selection,
Section 2 provides the background data necessary for your campaign, including: Starships, Star Charts, Ship-Builder, Colony: 2448, Emergency Medical Rescue, Cop: 2448, Space Navy, Enemy Stars, Star Pirates, and a lot more! Addendums 1-3 include the lost races book, with nearly 100 more pages of history, aliens, and background to add even more richness and depth to your gaming experience.

The last decades of the Terran 20th century showed that the technological spin offs of space exploration created many new industries and added a fantastic amounts of new technology. Most people of the time failed to realize that the comfort and security of their lives was closely related to the continued development of space technologies.

As humanity and its alien friends expanded across space, a second empire began to keep a watchful eye on the fledgling star travelers and hostile, the Hagonni Empire is now looking towards the frontier of ISCO space and the resources and technology that make them look primitive by comparison. While the Hagonni have numerical superiority, they lack the dedication and drive of humanity and its allies. As lines form across the colonial boundaries, ISCO Space realizes the problems it will be facing. It begins preparations for the upcoming conflict, expanding its Marine and Space Navy. Behind the scenes, ICL Special Forces are being equipped and trained to be dropped far behind Hagonni borders, onto slave worlds where they hope to damage the Hagonni infrastructure and start a rebellion. It is an era on the brink of Interstellar War.

"There is a new age dawning, an age of friendship, peace, and plenty for all, an age of growth and expansion across this spiral arm of the Galaxy. Space is ours!" -- Henderson Putnam

"I wish!" -- Henderson Putnam

"The history of the technological advancement of the human race is riddled with political manipulation and massive sociological misunderstanding that may cost us the stars." -- Francisco Omoxomo

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The original hardcopy version of FTL: 2448 was designed to display this complete picture when the two books were lined up side by side. The paper versions are out of print, but you can print your own copies on your computer.

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