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Elsewhere is a place where science and magic work side by side. It is a wild place where your measure of fame is by the wings pinned to your jacket.


Hardwired Hinterland is a roller coaster ride of wild adventure and strangeness,
a new age of exploration ...somewhere else.


You have turned left and have fallen into the greatest adventure you will ever face, exploration in a new universe beyond time and space.

Instant Download in PDF format.  Dice not included. Paypal TTG#1501DL           $16.95

Classic Aircraft

Technology & Magic

Strange new universe

Politics, mutants, aliens & much, much more

Your Wings are waiting
for you!

You are now a resident of one of the strangest places in the universe.

Hardwired Hinterland is a generic concept RPG that can be adapted to any of your favorite systems.

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