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In the mid-2000's, something is opening Holes, corridors into other dimensions, which are destroying the Earth's ecological balance. These passages are filled with hostile aliens and mechanical life-forms.

This game is a cross between an RPG and a miniatures game. Players command a squad of 12 humans as they battle their way into a randomly generated maze of corridors. The game uses a d100 for all combat resolution and lets players choose a few modifiers if they want to expand the No-Frills Combat System.

Holes has a wicked sense of humor, with such hostile and funky aliens as Brats, Kagoody, Klowns, Zonies, and Rats. It's a great beer and peanuts game, and lavishly illustrated.

Your objective as a Trained Holebusting Operative is to get to the core and destroy it.

Instant Download in PDF format.  Dice not included. Paypal TTG#1905DL            $12.95