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Eight classic micro games. Suitable for two or more players of any age


A Fantastic War in Space. Take the Galaxy If You Use the Right Power!! Five Powers at War! Who will be the victor? Cosmic Wow! is a fast Micro Game of combat on the move as Humans and Alien Powers try to eliminate each other. Cosmic Wow! is a futuristic, multi-player, interactive space fantasy war game, suitable for two or more gamers of any age.

Watch Out! Baby's got a gun! Too late you realize your toddler has found your fully loaded Krup 9000, 16-shot, near-silenced, semi-automatic pistol. Sitting at the end of the hall, baby is playing with a lethal weapon. Baby is about to have a lot of fun. The dog was the first victim. Will you be next? Can you get your Krupp-9000 from baby before baby blows your head off...or worse?? BABY BOOMER is a satirical board game for 2 or more players that keeps everyone on their toes as they race down the hall to disarm the toddler. Six-sided dice and diapers not included.

A tactical survival simulation where holding on to your bread really counts... You are a Russian, a citizen of the new Republic. Gone forever are the days of Soviet bureaucracy and waiting in bread lines. Now with a Free Market Economy you wish you had those bread lines. Food is now a luxury item and a simple loaf of bread is hard to find and keep! HUNT FOR BREAD IN OCTOBER is a fun and fast micro game for two or more players. Dice and Bread Not Included! © 1992 Brian S. Roe, The Great American Game Company

Experience the Pension Battles of 2018! The Social Security system is falling apart. In a great snafu, the government accidentally mailed ten thousand checks labeled "occupant" to the senior citizens of America. GERIATRIC WARS combines the fun of Role Playing with the fast action of a board game. Characters battle over a few pension checks that survive the Social Security collapse of 2018. Can be played as a board, or miniatures game for 2 or more players.

Gangs, Vigilantes and Drug Dealers! It's a new easy-to-play board game of neighborhood survival as Gangs and Vigilantes try to save their homes from crazed drug dealers. It's a world of drugs, money, and horror as street gangs use automatic weapons to settle differences. Drive-By is a fast Micro Game of combat on the move as two or more players and vigilantes try to eliminate each other. You can take the neighborhood if you have the guts and guns.

Westerville is alive! The loonies are loose! The loonies are loose in this fun combination of Role Playing and board games. You play the crazy patients of Westerville State Hospital as they begin their frantic bid for freedom.

It's Armageddon and Heaven needs your help! Evil has breached the gates of Heaven and you must organize the counterattack before it is too late. It's the last place you'd think would erupt into violence as the forces of Evil begin their last attempt to take Heaven. WAR ON HIGH is a fast Micro Game of combat on the move as two or more players fight the final war of Armageddon and try to eliminate each other. You can storm or protect Heaven if you have the skill and courage!

Attack of the Killer Veggies! It's a quiet night in a suburban home when something animates the vegetables and sends them on a war of extermination! VIRAL VEGETABLE WARS is a fast Micro Game of combat on the move as Humans and Vegetables try to eliminate each other. You can take back your home if you have the guts and the gun. Dice not included.

Fast & Inexpensive

Hours of Fun

No Booster Packs

No Collectable Cards

Brains Not Included