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Squashing good fun! The Ultimate Clay Combat Games!

Monster Squash is a crazy clay combat game between monsters that you design! Players craft their own monsters and combat to the death. Completely compatible with other Squash series games by Tri Tac. Clay not included.

 If you thought the first two were fun, just get a load of this one... BUGS...lots of 'em...HUGE bugs! Just let 'em fight it out or use all 3 games together for a REAL mess! Includes rules booklet and game shield. Clay and bug spray not included.

The first Monster Squash supplement, Mec Squash adds mechanical monsters to play, or can be a separate game in itself. Includes rules booklet and game shield. Clay not included.

The terrors from Tokyo are heading to your gaming table as you create a new line of squashable Japanese Monsters. This clay squash game is fully compatible with all the other Monster Squash series, and Clay and rice not included.

Panzer Squash. It's the end of 1944 and the German Army is upon you. Craft clay tanks and slug it out in this fun and really cheap way to play miniatures. Easy rules for the younger war gamers in your family. Fully compatible with the sillier squash games. Clay not included, C-4 not recommended for game use.

Now it's mutant humans in this new clay squashing game. Like all other Squash games it's completely compatible and fun to combine with Monster, Mec, and Bug Squash! Clay not included.

Add humans and firearms to your Monstrous Game. Comparable with others in the series. People not included.

This special package deal contains all the SQUASH games:

Monster Squash 

Mec Squash

Bug Squash 

Mutant Squash

Japanese Monster Squash

Panzer Squash

People Squash

Paypal Instant Download in zipped PDF format,. Dice not included. TTG#8000DL         $10.95